Check out the Sundolier - an active sun collector system that collects sun on the roof, and pipes it down into your house or building.

Our Sundolier™ delivers sunlight so effectively that electric lighting can be turned off when the sun is out offering excellent opportunities to save electricity while reducing heat generation through cool indirect daylighting.

The new CAFE standards of 35 MPG are a huge step forward for americans. Glad to see political will taking hold:

My sense of what’s an april fool’s joke today is way off balance. Is google really building nuclear reactors?

Google has acquired a company that has created a new process for highly efficient isotope separation, we’ve confirmed from multiple sources. The primary use of this technology, say experts we’ve spoken with, is uranium enrichment.
Enriched uranium is a necessary ingredient in the creation of nuclear energy, and one source we’ve spoken with at Google says that this is part of the Google Green Initiative. The company will use the new technology to enable it to design and possibly build small, mobile and highly efficient nuclear power generators.“Google has already begun building an enrichment plant,” says a high ranking IAEA source.


With an assist from Lady Gaga, The Impossible Project pushed new black-and-white film back on the market this week, promising that color film is coming soon. However, apparently some of the endearing aberrations of the film have been (accidentally?) fixed.

“The colors feel quite different,” Cookman says. “They are not crisp and clear and [it] has a certain retro feel to it in terms of its color and its size. And I think this is a really important dimension of it.”

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